Pastor Support Program


The Pastor support program has been in place for more than fifteen years and is a vital link to the rural work of evangelism and church planting in Africa. The program involves the spiritual oversight and financial assistance to rural native African pastors and leaders.

These native pastors are an active and vibrant part of the ministry in the countries of Malawi and Mozambique, they are pastoring rural churches, doing extensive evangelism outreaches into unreached areas, and planting churches to expand the Kingdom of God.

Since these church leaders make their living through subsistence farming, many struggle to meet the financial needs of their families. School fees for their children, ministry travel expenses, and food in times of drought, are a constant challenge to these leaders. This Pastor Support program enables these dedicated pastors and church leaders to continue the work of evangelism and church-planting throughout the many financial challenges they face.

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Three times every year Pastor Howard brings in over 250 of the native pastors from Malawi and Mozambique for intensive teaching sessions. These special times of encouragement, intense Bible teaching and worship make a huge impact on the lives of these native church leaders. They are equipped for the work of the ministry in these very challenging last days.