Kalibu Elderly Clinic


IMG_1846The only Clinic of its kind in all of Africa, Kalibu Elderly Clinic is offering free medical care to the elderly in rural Malawi. The clinic has treated over 3000 patients in the past year. Opened in June 2014, it has brought healing to hundreds of elderly and saved many lives.

The elderly in the rural communities of Malawi are a forgotten and neglected group. Although many are raising their grand and great grand- children, due to the AIDS epidemic, most of the elderly receive no aid from the government. Kalibu Elderly Clinic offers them free medical treatment. In July of 2015 the clinic expanded to provide dental care with a new, State-of-the-art Dental Unit.


Kalibu Ministries has stepped in to bring housing to some of the widows and widowers in the villages near the Clinic. There were some who were destitute and homeless without family or anyone to help. Starting in 2017 Kalibu Ministries mobilized to change their situation by constructing small houses for them. In 2017 we built two homes, and in 2018 seven houses were built, and in 2019 another eleven.  If you would like to bless one of these needy grandpas or grandmas, $750 will build them a new house.

This widower moved in to his new house in May 2018.

IMG_3760 (1)

Another house under construction.


One widow waits as her house is built. These houses improve their quality of life in an amazing way.


Here one happy widow praises the Lord for her new house and other blessings that Kalibu brings to her and her village every week.