Bible School: Mozambique


Kalibu Ministries, has been established in Central Mozambique, as a mission and training center since 1999. To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples of Mozambique and to provide training and teaching to the church leadership, which will establish churches with sound Biblical doctrine, leaders of faith and integrity and a body of Church members who are active in doing the work of the Ministry among the people.

TWO-YEAR BIBLE SCHOOL for pastors and church leaders. This course has been developed for the rural Mozambican pastor. It is a two-year course with ten one-month sessions. The Pastors not only receive a sound doctrinal foundation but are also trained in church leadership, prayer, evangelism and building up the Body of Christ. The School gives them the opportunity to be taught God’s Word, experience ministry outreaches, at their personal level of education and understanding. With classes taught in their local dialect.

Our Eighth graduating class celebrated their graduation August of 2016. These men and women have experienced a life-changing transformation through Jesus Christ and the School has blessed many to go on to fruitful ministry. We see God using these leaders in a powerful way among their own people to preach and work miracles by God’s power.