Sermon on the Mount by Michael Howard


Sermon on the Mount The deepest set of truths ever given to mankind. The God who thundered the Law from Sinai is the same God who stood on the hillside above the shores of Lake Galilee and expounded the deepest set of truths ever given to mankind. This book delves into these truths, revealing the desire of God’s heart for His people. Michael Howard is a missionary to the rural war-torn nations of the world. He has a prophetic anointing and travels internationally, stirring the hearts of believers to a closer walk with God. He is a “harvester” and longs to see the church go out and win the lost according to Mark 16 with signs and wonders following.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Two kingdoms
  3. The poor in spirit
  4. Those who mourn
  5. The meek shall inherit
  6. Hunger and thirst
  7. The merciful
  8. The pure in heart
  9. The peacemakers
  10. Persecuted for righteousness
  11. Conclusion

Paperback. 128 pages.